7 Unique Nail Colors Sure to Get Attention ...

I always strive to find new nail polish colors, but with so many to choose from, I usually get tired of looking and miss all the unique nail colors. Recently though, I have found a few that get my nails attention everywhere I go. Stepping outside of the usual pinks and reds is worth it if you can try something that looks great and isn’t like everyone else’s nail polish. Let’s push our common polishes to the side for these unique nail colors.

1. Cobalt Blue

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This saturated tint of blue is sure to get your nails the attention they deserve! It's one of my all-time favorite unique nail colors. It is not too bright, but it is far from dull, being able to stand alone without any designs or nail art. It’s really chic, unlike other shades of blue which tend to have a dull look. Layer it twice so that it will shine and last longer.

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