9 Trendy Nail Polishes to Wear for Spring/Summer 2020 ...

If you’re still clearing snow from your driveway, you might not be ready for nail polishes for spring/summer 2020. I’m on the west coast and we barely had a winter this year at all! Because of the extra warm temps, I didn’t have much desire for the darker shades I usually favor in the winter. For the last few months, I’ve been wearing medium to light shades of grey - but not quite 50 of them! Here are 9 nail polishes for spring/summer 2020 that you might just be ready to play with.

1. Essie - Truth or Flare

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If you’re checking out nail polishes for spring/summer 2020, don’t overlook this beauty from the Hide & Go Chic collection. I like both the name of the polish and the name of the collection. Most of the polishes I own are in the blue family, and yet I don’t have anything quite like this particular dusty blue shade. What I love about colors like this is the seaside vibe I get from it. I love this for spring and end of summer.

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