7 Trendsetting Celebrities Who Are Known for Their Nail Art Obsession ...

Recently, nail art has become one of my greatest obsessions; as a "nail fashionista in training," I couldn't be more delighted at the prospect of trendsetting celebrities sharing my passion for manicures. From primary shades to retro designs, the nail art trend is taking over the fashion industry due to its versatility and accessibility. Replicating the looks seen on the runway or on your favorite celebrities is now easier to do and can also be relatively inexpensive. That being said, I want to take a look at these trendsetting celebrities who are well-known in the nail art industry in an effort to satisfy my newfound niche!

1. Anne Hathaway

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With the amount of simple yet classy manicures that she is constantly seen sporting at events, it should not surprise you that she is one of the top trendsetting celebrities who have a soft spot for fabulous nails. I wish that her nail technician (Tom Bachik) would write a book providing tips on how to perfect some of Ms. Hathaway's more stylish nail designs.

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