7 Tips to Stop Biting Your Nails before Your Fingers Look like Nubs ...

If you are a nail biter, you may be looking for tips to stop biting your nails. Fingernail biting is an unfortunate habit that some of us develop as a way to calm our nerves. The results of nail biting are unattractive nails that may leave you feeling self-conscious. Nail biting can also make you more susceptible to germs and common illnesses. Stop the nail biting madness and apply these tips to stop biting your nails.

1. Keep ‘Em Pretty

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While there are many great tips to stop biting your nails, the first has got to be to keep them looking good. I am far less likely to nibble my nails down to nubs if they are nice and pretty. I mean, who wants to mess up something that took time and money to put together?

2. Bitter Nails

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If your nails are already nubs and you don’t have much to keep pretty, work on growing them out a bit. You can find bitter nail polish at any retail store. Apply a coat in the morning as you get ready for the day. Keep the bitter nail polish with you and reapply throughout the day.

3. Find a New Way to Worry

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Most people chew their nails out of worry and stress. Try to find a new way to direct that energy. Go for a walk, call a friend, or write down your concerns.

4. Reward System

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As you try to ween yourself off of biting your nails, you may need to set goals and rewards to encourage yourself. Maybe you can reward yourself with a new polish after a couple of days of no chewing. Maybe after a week or two you can opt for a professional manicure. Finally, after a few months of success, reward yourself with a nice ring. Now that you have great looking nails, you can feel confident when you show off your new bling.

5. Get Others to Help

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You shouldn’t have to fight this battle alone. Ask your friends and family to help you stop biting your nails. Have them check on you for accountability. Be honest with these people when they ask about your nail biting. They are going to know the truth anyway, once they see your hands. If all else fails, give your friends and family spray bottles and tell them to spray you every time they see you start to nibble. Just kidding... kind of.

6. Stay Busy

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If your fingers are moving, it's hard to chew them, right? Learn to knit, become the world’s fastest texter through much practice, or find an object to keep your hands busy when you are not doing anything and more likely to bite.

7. Remind Yourself

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If you catch yourself in action, run through your day and think of all the things your fingers have touched and been in contact with. Even the cleanest hands are bound to have lingering dirt and bacteria. It is not a fun thing to think about, all the scum that may be hiding under your nails from your trip to public restroom at that busy gas station or all the doorknobs you touched at work, especially the one door after the guy you never ever see wash his hands. Also remind yourself of your goals and the rewards you are working towards.

These tips are meant to help you stop biting your nails so you can finally grow the long pretty nails you’ve always wanted. I hope they help you achieve that goal. If you are a former nail biter, what are some of the ways you broke your bad habit?

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