7 Tips on How to Make Nail Polish Stay on Longer ...

There's nothing worse to ruin your mood than seeing a chipped nail or flaked off polish, and it might leave you wondering how to make nail polish stay on longer. If you ask me, when you buy nail polish, you shouldn't have to worry about it coming off when washing a few dishes the next day! Here's some tips for how to make nail polish stay on longer that will hopefully be lifesaving in the beauty department if you haven't used them yet. They seem simple, but are often ones that go overlooked. Also, be sure you spend more than a couple of dollars on your polish. Those drug store finds might be cute and cheap, but they're not going to last you very long dear!

1. Clean up!

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One of the best tips for how to make nail polish stay on longer and ensure a great nail polish job, is to make sure you start with clean nails. No matter what else you do, if your nails aren't clean, your polish job will suffer. Dirt and natural oils can inhibit the color from adhering to your nails, which can add to chipping and flaking, or mild discoloration. The best way to clean your nails is to thoroughly remove your old polish with a quality nail polish remover based on acetone. Then, wash your hands with plain old soap and water to remove all the dirt. Pat them dry really well so there's no moisture left on your nails either.

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