7 Tips on How to Get Splatter Paint Nails ...

If you love splatter paint, you definitely have to try these tips on how to get splatter paint nails. The technique is similar to regular splatter painting, but you aren’t using a brush. It’s easy and fun but can get a bit messy. So, are you ready to find out how to get spatter paint nails? If so, read on!

1. Gather Your Materials

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Having the right materials is the key to how to get splatter paint nails! All you’ll need a paper plate, scotch tape, scissors, a few Q-Tips, one straw cut in half, nail polish remover, a white or light neutral nail polish and some additional colors. The neutral color will give the splatter a nice background to contrast with.

2. Pick the Right Colors

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You can use as many colors as you like – I would recommend sticking to three as the maximum because you don’t want it to look too cluttered. Remember, it’s a small area. Contrasting colors also work best. Colors of the same hue are pretty, but if you want a bolder and more vivid splatter, opt for different colors from different parts of the color wheel. I recommend choosing the darkest pigmented colors you own, such as blue, purple and red.

3. Paint Your Nails with a Light Neutral Color

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I recommend white, but off white or light gray can work as well. Once painted, let your nails dry completely before moving onto step 4.

4. Start Using the Tape

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Take a nice long strip of tape and wrap it around your finger. Make sure to place it right above the cuticle. This will help with keeping the splatter only on your nail and not your finger. Plus, it’ll be less mess in the end!

5. Get Splatter Painting!

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This is where your paper plate comes in handy, ladies! Place a few drops of your desired nail polish on the plate. We’re going to be working one color at a time. Now, take your straw and dip it into the nail polish. Make sure to cover the entire hole of the straw with nail polish. Then, double check that your nail is on the plate (so you don’t get the nail polish everywhere!) and place the straw about 2-3 inches away from the nail.

Then, just use a quick breath to blow the nail polish all over your nail! In order for you to get a nice, full splatter, pretend like you are pronouncing the word "two." Once your lips are formed to make that sound, blow quickly, as if to make the "hoo" sound. Repeat this step with your second and third colors!

6. Repeat Step #5

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Continue to splatter paint each and every one of your nails! Have fun and be creative! The fun thing about splatter painting is that your nails shouldn’t look uniform, so you don’t have to worry about being exact and getting frustrated over it! Bonus!

7. Remove Any Mistakes

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When you’re finally done splatter painting, remove the tape carefully. Then, dip a Q-Tip into some nail polish remover and clean up any splatter you accidentally got outside of your nail. Voila!

Doesn’t it sound like fun, ladies? I must confess that I think splatter painted nails look fabulous! What do you all think – will you try it out?

Source: prettygossip.com

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