7 Things You Need to Know about Nail Polish Formulas ...

Things you need to know about nail polish? Gosh, could this be another post offering warnings about all of the toxins found in this must-have beauty product? Relax, we’re not going to go there! There are plenty of things you need to know about nail polishes, though, and I’m talking about info that could help you get the most out of your mani, not scare you away! But take a look and see for yourself.

1. Some Nail Polishes Have 3 or 5 Free Formulas

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Most major brand nail polishes nowadays are either three or five-chemical free, meaning that you don’t have to worry about Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP or, in case of a five-free formula, Formaldehyde resin and camphor as well. Is this one of those super important things you need to know about nail polish formulas? Absolutely! Nail polish is generally considered to be one of the most toxic beauty products and we now have a chance to reduce our exposure to these dangerous ingredients.

2. Some Brands Still Use Their Old Recipes

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And while more and more both high and low-priced brands are doing their best to appeal to the customers by switching to less toxic formulas, some are doing all they can to resist this trend and keep their original nail polish formulas. A real nail polish junkie might even recognize an old formula by smell alone, although you really shouldn’t use that as a guideline or go around sniffing nail polishes! They all stink the same to me, to be honest! Check the ingredients and, should you decide to use a polish that contains these chemicals, always make sure you apply it near an opened window or air the room well after application.

3. Know Your Refresher

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Nail polish refresher is a magical thing indeed! It will turn the clock on all of those fabulous nail polish colors that have dried out and became unusable, helping you get the most out of your money and nail polish collection. A few drops of this magical liquid will replenish evaporated wet ingredients, turning the gooey polish smooth and easy to apply again.

4. Don’t Mix Refreshers

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If you have plenty of both chemical-free and classic nail polish formulas, you should definitely get a refresher for each group. It may look like a waste of money but will keep your nail polishes in mint condition for a long time and help you avoid formulas mixing. Refreshers for three-free polishes are lacking the same harsh ingredients and may, therefore, prove to be too weak for your standard polishes, while standard refreshers could taint a three-free formula since they contain all of those chemicals the polish alone doesn’t.

5. Some Nail Polishes Need a Special Base

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Well, well, isn’t this another interesting thing to know about nail polishes! Ever bought a polish that kind of drags and leaves bald spots? It must have been a defective one, right? Well, no, some polish formulas are like that. It usually happens with holographic polishes but I have other, way less special-looking ones that act the same way. The solution is pretty simple – get a water-based base coat or apply any clear matte nail polish to achieve a smooth, stress-free application.

6. Know Your Finish

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Understanding the presented basic nail polish information is a foolproof way to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want even when shopping online! Now, as you know, most polishes need two coats to look best but you’ll often find some being called “one coaters,” meaning that the formula is so rich that it needs only one coat for full opacity. Jelly nail polishes have a very glossy, slightly transparent finish and often require a third or even fourth coat to reach full opacity. Frosty and foily formulas are quite brush-strokey and can make ridges and dents seem more visible, while formulas containing large flakes of glitter may require a coat or two of top coat for a smooth finish.

7. Nail Polish Remover is Not a Substitute for Refresher

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Last but very important – one of those things to know about nail polishes you shouldn’t dismiss too easily! You see, regardless of how popular, convenient or budget-friendly it is, the idea of using a nail polish remover to save a polish gone dry is definitely not a good one. Nail polish remover contains different chemicals and will destroy your polish in the long run.

There you go, ladies! These are some pretty useful yet still quite basic nail polish information that ought to help you understand your polishes better, care for them properly and manage to get the most out of your money, nail polish collection and manicure! Is there anything I’ve forgotten to mention? Do let me know.

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