4. Phase #4

With no solution in sight in came Jamberry with the save, like a knight on a white horse. Jamberry, if you haven’t heard of them, are sophisticated nail stickers in 1000’s of designs! I loved them so much I even sold Jamberry for a while, at least until my busy schedule took over.

I got so many compliments with pumpkin nails in the fall, snowflakes in winter, seashells in the summer that they became my favorite accessory! One year later I still loved Jamberry. However, my nails were very brittle from years of the damage. They never really did recover and my nails broke often. I was constantly having to file down and repair my nail from breaks. I just wanted to do my nails and then not have to worry about them constantly. So here I was once again with an imperfect solution to my nail dilemma.

Phase #5
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