7 Statement Nail Polishes for Every Collection ...

Statement nail polishes are something every girl simply has to have in her collection and, trust me, that’s not my inner polish junkie speaking! A statement nail polish will put a finishing touch to your perfect outfit, it can make you feel glam and super cool even during the most boring of days and who knows…it might even prove to be a great conversation-starter! Guys notice nail polishes too but, make no mistake about it, that special someone you like will find breaking the ice much easier if you’re wearing a super interesting shade of nail polish that just begs to be commented on! Don’t wait a second longer then. Check out this list of my favorite must have statement nail polishes!

1. Chanel Peridot

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Totally unique, totally amazing – this Chanel nail polish is one of those statement nail polishes a girl should consider owning despite the steep price! Even my mom says this is (and I’ll quote), “The most beautiful nail polish color in THE world,” and, coming from a woman that’s into nudes only, that really ought to mean something! Artificial lighting will bring out the warm, golden-green glow of this fun duochrome, while natural light and sunshine really help it show its true colors, turning that soft, warm green much brighter and giving it a teal rim that’s only visible under certain angles.

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