3. Use a Top Coat

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Top coats are important for maintaining your nail polish and making it last longer. It protects your nail polish from chipping, weakening and splintering as well as maintaining the shine and vibrant colour of your polish.

This is a vital step since our nails are at full exposure on a daily basis since we use our hands for almost everything.

There's nothing more annoying that spending ages doing your nails, only to have them chipping and falling away as soon as you start cleaning dishes after dinner or even washing your hands.

Top coats are different to base coats and each have different purpose it's not a good idea to try using a base coat as a top coat or vice versa. You should really have both and this will ensure you're everything you can to protect your nails.

I would recommend using Seche Vite's 'dry fast' top coat because it dries quickly and does a great job of preserving nail polish and prevents most cases of chipping.

Opt for Soft Shades
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