Pro Tips βœ… on How to Keep Your Nails πŸ’… Long πŸ“ and Strong πŸ’ͺ ...

Round, square, long or short it doesn’t matter how you like your nails as long as they’re healthy enough for you to be able to do whatever you like with them. Here is how to keep your nails long and strong.

1. Moisturize

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Moisturizing your hands will keep your nails flexible and less likely to break if bent. Always keep a small hand moisturizer in your bag and use it throughout the day to keep your hands and nails soft and protected.

2. Apply Strengthening Nail Polish

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Strengthening and lengthening nail polishes can do miracles to your nails in terms of growth and strength. Use it as a base coat before applying nail polish. It will strengthen your nails and protect them from the pigment in the nail polish that sometimes make them turn yellow or dark.

3. Use Oil or Vaseline for the Cuticles

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At least once a week, apply almond oil, olive oil or Vaseline to your nails and cuticles. They give your nails intense moisturizing which decreases breakage, splitting and softens the cuticles.

4. File Every Week

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Filing regularly reduces the risk of splitting and peeling nails. Always keep a small file in your purse to be able to quickly fix any small snatches before the whole nail breaks

5. Wear Gloves

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if you wash the dishes, dish washing soap is very drying and removes all the oil and moisture from the nails leaving the vulnerable. Also, repeated wetting and drying of the fingernails can weaken them.

6. Let Them Breathe

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Just like your body and skin, your nails need to breathe. Every week at least you should remove nail polish and let your nails breathe for a couple of days without nail polish to avoid nails turning yellow.

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