7 Pretty Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try ...

If ten nails of solid color nail polish is a bit too tame for your tastes at the moment, then consider wearing nail polish color combinations to shake it up a bit. We've all seen this style almost everywhere. It's fantastic. Combining colors you love can help you to display your creative side. No matter if you are participating in a girls' night out or backyard get-together, there is a nail polish combination for the occasion. If you have considered wearing more than one color together at any given time then we have a list of seven optional nail polish color combinations you might want to check out.

1. Pink and Black

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Pink and black is one of many nail polish color combinations that is both fun and sophisticated. Combined, these two colors remind me of Paris, albeit a hot pink and Americanized version of Paris. No matter, this color combination is fantastic. Crank up the the volume with hot pink or tone it down with a nice pastel. Use pink or black on alternating fingernails or overlap them to create interesting patterns.

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