7 Popular Nail Polishes from Sally Hansen You Should Have in Your Collection ...

I have a rather large collection of nail polishes from Sally Hansen, as well as various other brands. I love to settle in with a cup of hot coffee and pop open some nail blogs to read about the latest shades and trends. Once I decide on my polish budget for the month, I’m headed to the drugstore to search for the colors that I’m dying to see up close. I do occasionally treat myself to some pricier polishes that I’ve fallen hard and fast for, but for shades to add to my collection that won’t force me to eat Ramen noodles all month, nail polishes from Sally Hansen are my go to brand.

1. Mint Sprint

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One of my all-time favorite nail polishes from Sally Hansen is this beautiful bright green bordering on teal nail color. If you’re not familiar with the Insta-Dri formula, I can tell you that it does dry quickly, but the brush is very wide and takes some practice to get used to. I love this with a light colored summer outfit or head-to-toe black for a great pop of color.

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