7 Points of Etiquette for the Nail Salon ...

Following the correct etiquette for the nail salon makes you a good customer and also helps to make the visit a better and pleasant one. It’s not just about good manners, but also your attitude to the whole experience and the salon and its staff. Obviously manners and politeness play their part but here are other points of etiquette for the nail salon to be observed.

1. Making and Keeping Appointments

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No matter what kind of appointment you are making, keep in mind that time has become a precious commodity - both yours and the person you’re making the appointment with. Etiquette for the nail salon is no different than etiquette anywhere else. Don’t intentionally treat others' time with disrespect. Nail technicians nearly all depend on their appointments to make a living, and when you don’t show up, it’s likely they don’t get paid. Some salons even charge you if you don’t show up. Technicians will usually understand if you have overscheduled yourself and can let them know as soon as you see you aren’t going to make it. The earlier the better, because there’s a chance that the tech can fill the vacancy with someone on a waiting list or with a walk-in customer.

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