7 New Essie Colors You Must Try ...

Maybe you have your tried and true nail polish colors, or maybe you stay with the trends of the season, but either way, these new Essie colors are awesome. Whether you go for neutral shades, subtle colors or the brightest hues that nail polish has to offer, Essie has something to make you happy. I paint my nails all the time, so I’m pretty sure I need all these new Essie colors to get me through spring and summer.

1. Hide and Go Chic

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With so many colors hitting store shelves these days, don’t be surprised to that one of the new Essie colors is a deep blue. This azure color is reminiscent of the ocean and will leave you ready for your spring sandals in no time. You’ll love the subtle hint of sparkle the color offers, but you’re also going to be impressed with how great this blue looks on your toenails and fingernails.

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