2. Bleeding Cuticles

Oh, I’m sure your nail technician thinks she is just the cutest, snipping away at your cuticles with those tiny little scissors. Or perhaps she’s the type who is using the sander intended to file down nailsβ€”or your cuticles! Either way, there are a couple of things going wrong here.

First of all, snipping away excessively at one’s cuticles is a bad idea.

This skin is meant to protect you from bacteria making its way through the opening between your skin and nail. When you cut away at your cuticle, you’re opening yourself to infection.

Second, why are you bleeding? Your technician is there to cut and shape nails, not cut your skin! Bleeding cuticles aren’t pretty, they hurt, and they kind of undermine the reason you went into the salon in the first place – to feel good about yourself and your appearance!

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