Magnificent Mani-Pedi Color Combos to Make You Smile ...

I have always been the same color on finger and toenails kind of girl, but all these mani-pedi color pairings have me intrigued. It’s sort of fancy to see one hue on the fingers and another on the toes, so I may be a convert before the summer is out. The trick to rocking the trend is to choose colors that coordinate, even if they don’t necessarily match. That way, you look pulled together without having to be matchy. Check out these mani-pedi color pairings to see what I mean.

1. Hidden Glamour

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If you’re looking for mani-pedi color pairings that you can wear to work or to an understated affair, consider a nude color on your fingernails and a deep burgundy red on your toes. You can keep the toe color covered if necessary while still looking appropriate for the office. But you can let that color show when you head out on the town for a night of fun.

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