Lillian Eve Brings Fierce Five-Free Colors for Fall ...


Fall is finally here, announced by the falling leaves, the crisp air, and the explosion of cool new hues for fashion, makeup, accessories – and nail polish, of course! All Women Stalk is always delighted when we stumble across cosmetics that are both stunning and safe, which is why we're so happy to introduce all our stalkers to the Fall 2014 Collection of nail colors by Lillian Eve. Whether you're a polish connoisseur, a fan of natural products, or both, we're positive you're going to love this collection.
As a brand, Lillian Eve is all about being green, something we love to see. L.E. minimizes their impact on the environment by reusing and recycling as many materials as possible, supporting their local economy, and working with companies who share their values. As for all those gorgeous polishes? They're vegan and entirely free of toxins. Every polish, including the stunning shades in the Fall 2014 Collection, are five-free. They contain no animal byproducts and there's no animal testing. As a result, you can feel great about every manicure, every pedicure, and every new nail design.

Speaking of which, thanks to the colors in the fall line-up, you'll definitely want to experiment with a new hue at every turn. For instance, check out Sinful:
This is the perfect answer for fall's red nail needs. The sinfully rich shade of burgundy is sexy enough for a night out but sophisticated enough for school or work, so it's ideal as a day to night polish. There's even a shimmer to add a little dazzle to your day! You'll get the bottle color in just one or two coats, so that's excellent value.

If you're looking for something a bit more neutral but still fabulous, try Bitten:
This is a sleek, chic shade of gunmetal grey that promises to go with all the new clothes in your fall wardrobe. There's a definite shimmer of silver to add depth, texture, and just enough pizzazz to make your manicure pop. As with Sinful, you'll get the bottle color in just a coat or two.

Truthfully, from the decadent blue Royal Affair to the fun, sparkly No Reflection, every color in Lillian Eve's Fall 2014 Collection is a standout. You get all the rich colors and none of the toxins, which is always excellent. What's your go-to nail color for fall?

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