7 Holographic Nail Colors You Must Check out ...

Holographic nail colors have been a much-discussed topic amongst nail polish lovers for quite some time, inspiring comparisons that would make your head spin, nail art to die for and many more. Linear or scattered, with or without the special base, budget-friendly or top price – picking just one holographic nail polish in a sea of gorgeous choices is not an easy task. China Glaze OMG collection, Chanel’s special Holographic set as well as Nfu Oh’s old formula might be the most popular (and, unfortunately, less available) but there are tons of others holographic nail colors to tickle your fancy! Here are some I particularly like and think you would, too.

1. Color Club - Blue Heaven

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An amazing part of the Color Club puzzle – this light bluish, oh-so-very-holo polish really deserves its place in the holographic nail colors hall of fame! I’m still dying to get my hands on this shade despite the fact that I’m so not a fan of blues, simply because it complements the holographic effect to such a degree, making it a really striking, true holo no polish addict can resist.

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