7 Gorgeous Nail Polish Shades for Autumn That Your Nails Will Love ...

As the weather starts to get a bit colder, I’ve started thinking about the new ranges of nail polish shades for autumn that are appearing on beauty counters everywhere. From deep navy blues to stunning bold garnets and even moss greens, there are plenty of new nail polish shades for autumn that will carry you through this season in style. Here are 7 gorgeous shades that I can’t resist – I’m sure you will fall in love with them too!

1. OPI Lost on Lombard

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This deep garnet hue, part of OPI’s new San Francisco range, is perfect for autumn and will ensure your nails attract the right kind of attention! Mid-way between black cherry and burgundy, this polish is dark enough to look glam without giving off too much of a Gothic vibe. Perfect for evenings out or a weekend lunch date and the ideal addition to your range of nail polish shades for autumn. I love this polish as it reminds me of a black cherry polish I used to wear when I was younger, and you’ll love it too.

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