7 Gorgeous Blue Nail Designs to Sport This Season ...

Blue nail designs are steadily becoming one of the biggest nail trends in the fashion industry. From the brilliant hues to the dark and sultry shades, its versatile nature means that it can complement diverse skin tones. One of the reasons why nail art has become popular is because of the amount of videos available on social media today. That being said, here are a few absolutely gorgeous blue nail designs that you will definitely want to flaunt.

1. Tiffany Blue and Silver Nail Art

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When it comes to fantastic blue nail designs, YouTube star elleandish // Janelle is a total pro. Pairing this lovely shade of Tiffany blue with glitter polish in this amazing design was an excellent choice. I love how well both colors complement one another. The best part is that if you decide to customize this look to fit your own tastes (i.e. omitting the rhinestones), your manicure will still be just as fabulous!

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