7 Fresh Spring-Inspired Nail Tutorials ...

With this stubborn cold season making plans to stick around, I've been spending my time watching spring-inspired nail tutorials to get me out of the rut. When I think of spring, bright and bold colors immediately come to mind, as well as an overall fresh feeling. Essentially, it brings out the utterly clichΓ© cheesy side that I like to pretend I hide very well. Whether its due to all of the beautiful flowers blooming or the fact that it serves as a tease of the warmer weather to come, spring has always been one of my favorite seasons. If you're looking for a way to put the cold front out of your mind, these fresh spring-inspired nail tutorials just may be the remedy.

1. Vintage Floral Nail Art

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When it comes to spring-inspired nail tutorials, the two words vintage and floral sound incredibly appealing. Floral print is certainly one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry due to its often intricate patterns and expertly paired colors. YouTube nail artist "TiffyQuake" took this a step further by incorporating adorable hearts into her tutorial. You won't be hearing any complaints over here.

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