9 Fierce Red Manicures You Need to Try ...

As one of the fiercest colors around, there's no question that red manicures dominate the nail industry. Red has always been linked to power; according to the website entitled "Colour Effects", red is not only "stimulating and lively", but is also strong. However, trendsetters don't need a study to prove just how fabulous red nail designs are. Take a look at these magnificent red manicures to see for yourself!

1. Red Gradient Nail Art

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There's a reason why this nail tutorial by YouTube user "FromBrainstoBeauty" on how to achieve gradient nails is at the top of this list of perfect red manicures. Before watching this video, I would always get frustrated with how my lackluster attempts at gradient nails turned out. After trial and error, I can now consider myself a pro at this amazing look.

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