7 Edgy Manicures to Rock on Your First Date ...

When it comes to rocking edgy manicures on your first date, YouTube is definitely your best bet. There is a large variety of channels that feature intricate or simple designs to help you get ready for your next outing. I love how accessible DIY nail manicures have become (not to mention the amount of money saved by flying solo). Whenever my friends gush over how amazing my manicures come out, I secretly pat myself on the back for being an "awesome" nail guru. With these phenomenal and edgy manicures, you'll be able to do the same!

1. Black & Neon Water Marble Nail Art

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I am obsessed with edgy manicures that are also creative. From all of the contrasting colors to the bright hues, this black and neon water marble nail art by YouTube user "My Simple Little Pleasures" is positively mind blowing! If you're skeptical about all of the bright shades, stick to two for a design that will really pop.

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