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Having a great date depends on the date night conversation starters you choose. Instead of simply saying "So, tell me about yourself," why not ask more specific, fun questions to learn more about this person you're so interested in? There are some great date night conversation starters in this article you should consider before your next date! Who knows? He may be your true love!

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What's Your Favorite Color?

Out of all the date night conversation starters, why would I choose this one, you ask? Well, it's been said that you can tell a lot about a person by what color they prefer. Like, for instance, red is the color of passion and someone who likes red tends to be all the about the present spark and lust, rather than looking more into the future and a standing relationship. And lovers of yellow tend to not care much about romance and are more "self centered." (At least this is what the article on match.com said.) This website also said that if purple is your favorite color, that you tend to be flirty, playful and very imaginative, and if you tend to like blue most, you are more into conversation, but may have trouble making up your mind at times. So, yes, I believe this is a perfect question to start a great conversation over steak and salad. Don't you?


What is Your Favorite Movie of All Time?

This is a great time filling question, unless they are one of the few who have it set in their mind on that one movie they love more than any other. Most of us have several movies we love "best" because they are different in context and we love them for different reasons. And hey, you can almost guarantee, that if you ask a guy this question, his answer will most certainly not be "The Notebook."


Have You Ever Done Volunteer Work?

Asking your date something like this will not only start a good conversation that will fill in a few minutes of your time together, but it will also help you to learn a bit more about this person you are seeing. Are they a kindhearted person, willing to help others in need? If they answer that they haven't volunteered anywhere, you might offer to volunteer somewhere together and see how they respond. Maybe your second date could be at your local soup kitchen?


So, Tell Me Something You Remember Most about Your Childhood?

You could add, "What's your favorite childhood memory?" as a followup question to really get this date talking. Learn about the part of their life that made them the person they are today. Events that happen in our childhood are important enough to our lives to either make us a happy, well rounded thriving human being, or can affect us in adverse ways, making us hard, tough and more difficult to open up to. It's definitely something you want to know, and you can learn this without really bringing the conversation really down and depressing, if you ask in the right manner.


If You Could Go Back in Your Life and Change One Thing, What Would It Be?

Now, more than likely, if they are trying to play it smooth, your date might answer "I would meet you much sooner" or something along those lines. But don't let them get away with it. Try to find out a little bit of their past and history with this simple question.


What Was Your First Thought when You Saw Me?

Follow up with a "be honest" because honesty is the best policy, especially when considering someone as a person you could spend the rest of your life with. This will most certainly lead to some flirty giggles and laughter and "awws" as he tells you "I thought, when did this angel come from Heaven," or some other cheesy line, since he is "honestly" wanting to impress you, but hey, at least he is trying, right?


What about Your Weekends?

Or a better question for this might be "After a long week at work, how do you enjoy your weekends?" This will tell you if they are an active type that likes to keep busy and do things, or if they are more home based people, preferring to spend their time off at home and relaxing in front of the television. Yes, this question matters, because if you are the "on the go" type person, you certainly don't want to be stuck with someone who prefers to stay home.


If You Had One Million Dollars, What Would You do?

Would your date have a mansion in Beverly Hills? Or would they prefer to stash the cash and play it cool? Would they give it all away? Or do something crazy like build a room out of pennies? Hey, you never know, they could win the lottery, and this dream could turn real, so why not ask? (Plus, it provides some entertaining conversation!)

Date nights should be fun, so why ruin it with not having good questions and topics to keep the conversation rolling? It isn't advised to try to "plan the conversation" because it just wouldn't work out too well, but having some great date night conversation starters tucked away in your mind wouldn't be a bad idea! How about you? I would love to hear your ideas for a great date night conversation!

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I would never ask any of these questions, some of them are quite silly. Asking about what your listening to currently, etc is more like it.

My color is dead on and ppl say I'm to honest these are questions I normally ask but to tell you the truth only 2 kind of men answer sensitive ones and ones trying to get in your pant most just say they don't know or never thought about it about 2% said I was nosey I think you should be your self I talk to much and I am blunt so that works for me

I love the color yellow

@elizabeth rickard. True that - it was a fun article to read :)

First of all - why is this categorised into nails? And secondly, I think asking somebody's favourite colour on a first date is a death wish. What are we, four years old? I have no problem with having a few convo starters up my sleeve though.

Great tips. I get a little nervous sometimes dreading that a date will be awkward because here will be nothing to talk about

I like the color red, but that description is nothing like me.

These are just suggestions that could possibly work. Honesty is the best policy.

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