21 Cute and Affordable Nail Polish Options ...

There are so many affordable nail polish options out there! I want all of them…so does my daughter. We love the variety of color options available. We also love it when we find a deal – who doesn’t?! When shopping for nail polish, $4 per bottle is our max. Believe it or not, there is a large selection of nail polish options in this price range. Some of these polish options last for several days while others more than a week. If you are interested in saving a little money and trying a new color, we have compiled this list of 21 affordable nail polish options. Give them a whirl!

1. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Nail Color: $4.00

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We begin our list of affordable nail polish options with a line at the top of our price rage. Sally Hansen has a few different lines of nail polish. We really like the Insta-Dri polish. It has a variety of great colors in metallic finish, super bright colors, and matte colors. One coat will give you the color you seek and the coverage you need. It does, indeed, dry pretty fast. So, precision is key. The bottle contains 0.4 fl. oz of polish. Pronto Purple is one of our favorite colors in this line.

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