9 Best Top Coats to Top off Your Marvelous Mani ...

The next time you do your nails, keep in mind that if you want your manicure to look its best and last longer; only the best top coats will do. Each step in the process of a manicure makes a big difference in the overall look and how long it’ll last, but the top coat is extra important. What other step in the manicure process seals in the nail polish, can help it dry faster, gives you tons of shine and helps prevent chipping? If your top coat isn’t doing it for you anymore, I picked out 9 of the best top coats for you to get to know.

1. Formula X for Sephora Top Coat

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You might be thinking that this plain old bottle of clear nail polish won’t do much, but it’s actually a fabulous multi-tasking product. What makes this one of the best top coats is that it’ll make your nails super glossy, extend the life of your manicure and even contains ingredients that help make it resistant to water and detergent! This top coat will seriously save your manicure from dullness and chipping.

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