7 Best Nail Colors of 2014 That You Should Be Sporting ...

Itโ€™s that time of year again kittens, time for the best nail colors for 2014 that you should be sporting! It is spring after all, and you could use a fabulous update thatโ€™s also easy and affordable. So book it to your nail tech (or not, youโ€™re thrifty, I dig), and bring with you a copy of the 7 best nail colors for 2014 you should be sporting!

1. Coral

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Coral is EVERYWHERE this spring, so it should be no surprise that itโ€™s one of the 7 best nail colors for 2014 you should be sporting. It reminds me of spring sunshine. I highly recommend Butter Londonโ€™s Kerfuffle. It reminds me of a sweet candy, plus itโ€™s good for you (look it up!). Coral automatically brightenโ€™s up your entire outlook. Which is especially nice when youโ€™re trying to get over those winter blues. Unless you want to wear blue, like the next color.

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