7 Best Nail Art Kits to Try This Summer ...

Since nail design is a hot trend right now, many companies are creating nail art kits that feature an array of design elements. Ciate is well known for their caviar manicure kits, but they've also developed a few different ones over the years, along with Sally Hansen and other brands. Additionally, many kits are simple to use and just as fun as painting your nails with colored nail polish (but a bit messier!). That being said, do yourself a favor and pick out one of the nail art kits listed below and make sure to try it out this summer!

1. Ciate Sequined Manicure Kit

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Even though Ciate is known for their caviar manicure kits and rightfully so, a few of their other nail art kits are becoming increasingly popular. Make your nails sparkle like disco balls with this sequined manicure! You get to choose from two color options: pink or multi-color. If you're looking for a strikingly glam look, you just have to pick this kit up! Besides the sequins, this kit comes with a bottle of Sequin Glitter Grip and a little black brush. You can snatch it up at Sephora.

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