7 Best Crackle Nail Polishes ...

I've purchased a few crackle nail polishes and absolutely love the effect that they give! Each time I apply the nail polish, I can't help but marvel as the cracks take shape in front of my eyes! The designs are to die for! There are so many brands on the market to choose from, but I've brought you the best crackle nail polishes out there!

1. Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat

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This is my favorite out of all of the crackle nail polishes because it creates the perfect crackle texture. It’s not too much crackle, but not too little either. The key to getting the perfect crackle with this nail polish is to put on a light coat. If you put too thick of a coat of crackle on, it doesn’t crackle well at all. You may need to try it a few times in order to get the perfect look, but it’s totally worth it!

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