7 Useful Nail Care Tools You're Probably Not Using ...

If you want to give yourself the perfect at-home manicure, youโ€™ve got to get your hands on some of these useful nail care tools!

If youโ€™re like me and need some help to get that set of perfect 10 nails, these tools will help get your nails looking and feeling like you just stepped out of a salon!

Take a look at these nail tools and achieve your best-looking manicure yet!

1. Ridge Filler

One of the most useful nail care tools around is the ridge filler.

I never knew what this was for so I never thought to look into it and try it out, but itโ€™s now a must-have item for me!

Ridge fillers help provide a smooth and even surface to paint your nails.

So if you have a thin polish that shows every bump on your nail bed or you just want a flawless mani, enlist the help of a ridge filler!

Glass or Crystal Nail File