10 Top Nail Design Trends for 2013 ...

With nail art finding its rightful place in the fast growing fashion market, nail design trends 2013 will see an increased popularity boost. If you're a nail fiend like I am, it is imperative that you stay up to date with these hot trends! Lucky for you, I have them right here! The market is bursting with new nail colors and nail art appliqués; it may get a little overwhelming! But don't worry, ladies, I've got the best of the best: the top 10 nail design trends 2013 edition!

1. Print

Ranging from animal print to newsprint nails, this trend has stolen the number one spot on the top 10 nail design trends 2013 edition! You can either buy appliqués or work free hand. You can also paint the majority of your nails a solid color and decorate just one nail with the print pattern -- that's all the rage right now (as pictured above!).