7 Tips on Doing a Jelly Sandwich Manicure ...


The jelly sandwich manicure had the blogosphere abuzz with its sparkly yet understated look. Some describe it as a modest way to wear glitter while others just loved the quick and easy way to jazz up your nails with polishes you probably already own! If you’re ready to create your own jelly sandwich manicure, keep these 7 helpful tips close by for foolproof jelly sandwich nails!

1. The Real Thing

When you’re trying out the jelly sandwich manicure, think of it like the real thing so you don’t get confused with what goes where. You’ll need a jelly polish to serve as the loaves of bread, a glitter polish for the jelly and then sandwich it all together. A good jelly polish would be a colored nail polish that’s somewhat translucent even after a couple of coats like Essie’s True Love.

Be Transparent