7 Tips for Maintaining Your Gel Nails ...


Gel nails are gorgeous, efficient, and long lasting – as long as you go about maintaining your gel nails correctly. If you've never had them, gel nails are technically artificial, because several coats of a special polish are used to seal your nails. The layers cover your natural nails, but they can still grow. The polish gets sealed by UV, and depending on the type of gel nails you get, the polish will need to be soaked off or removed by filing. They last much longer than traditional manicures, and can stay in good condition for up to 12 days – or longer, depending on several factors. They're arguably better for your nails than acrylics. Some people disagree with the entire idea of gel nails, which is cool. If you love them or think you might want to try them, these tips for maintaining your gel nails can help you keep your manicure looking gorgeous for quite a while.

1. Trim First

Maintaining your gel nails will be much easier if you go in with shorter nails. This gives them room to grow beneath the gel coating, and there's a smaller chance of breakage. Not everyone will want to do that, of course, and that's fine – long nails are lovely, so you may want to get this done when yours are long and beautifully shaped. Just be aware that maintaining your manicure will be slightly more difficult.

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