7 Things You Should Know about Cheap Vs. Expensive Nail Polish ...


If you’ve ever contemplated the differences between cheap versus expensive nail polish, you aren’t alone. I sometimes wonder why anyone would shell out so much for one bottle of polish, then I rail at the way the cheap stuff chips and fades so quickly. A girl just can’t win. However, once you understand the biggest things that separate the inexpensive from the pricey, you can make the best choice for you. So, here you go. The best ways to tell the difference between cheap versus expensive nail polish.

1. Brush Quality

Just like when you shop for make-up brushes, you want high quality bristles when it comes to your bottles of nail polish. That’s one of the main differences among cheap versus expensive nail polish. The better the brush is, the better the polish will go on your nails, which makes for a better manicure – one that looks great and lasts for a while. Great news, isn’t it?

Drying Time