5. Phase #5

Que in present day and my current system.

Like most things, one way alone isn’t the way to get the job done, so I use a combo!2

KISS Nails is still the best brand and I use the type that comes with glue already attached.2

I add the usual nail glue on it as well though, for a secure hold.

For some reason, the brand that comes with glue is softer and a bit more natural for my taste and not so hard on the nails.

Each week I trade off with Jamberry.

The stickers give my nails a chance to heal from the week before while still letting me rock cute nails!

Each nail style lasts about 2 weeks and all the compliments don’t beat the awesome feeling I get when jaws drop after I say I do my nails myself!

Don’t give up on your nails ladies.

Find your perfect system and keep them cute.

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