7 Hottest Nail Colors for 2013 ...


It's officially a new year, which means a new selection of the hottest nail colors to try out in 2013! The new nail colors coming out for 2013 so far are absolutely gorgeous and I personally can't wait to get them all! Just remember that this year, it looks like flashy nail colors are "out" and more subtle shades are "in." To get you started with creating the perfect "nail wardrobe" for the new year, here are 7 of the hottest nail colors for 2013!

1. Pale Nails

Pale Nails

Neutral, sand or cream colored nails are a minimalist trend that’s been gaining momentum since last year and is already considered one of the hottest nail colors for 2013, especially during the spring season. This year, toning down your nails is the new "in" style. Pale nails are especially great when paired with a brightly colored or flashy outfit. They are also a super professional and clean style that is great at the office. If you don't like the neutral colored options, opt for a pale pink!

Metallic Nails
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