Here's How to Keep Your Nails in Perfect Condition ...


People notice your hands more than you might think.

And if your nails are chipped, broken or bitten to a stump, it will create an impression, and not a favorable one.

Why spend time looking after your skin and dressing yourself nicely if you don’t look after your nails?

I’ve got some tips and tricks for dealing with tears, breaks and weak and damaged nails.

1. Give Your Nails a Break – Don’t Overuse or Misuse Them

You should avoid overusing your nails for everyday tasks.

Look for alternatives.

Instead of dialing the phone with your nails, try a pen or stick.

Remember, your nails are not claws nor a crow bar– they are sensitive and fragile, and you should take care of them.

Use a Cuticle Cream Every Night at Bedtime
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